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Try out a new way of touring around Europe!
If you don’t own a caravan or have never traveled using one, you have to try it out! The only problem you’ll have to worry about is: IT IS ADDICTIVE!!! If you have already experienced this kind of trip, remove your psychological barrier to visit more distant countries with your own caravan and rent one on the BookYourCamper platform.
You can choose a caravan exactly to suit your taste and the number of people you want to travel with.
We aim to promote this tourism by creating connections between countries, tourists, caravan owners and campsites, promoting the most beautiful and unexpected routes you can do in a country in Europe.


Special Offers

Together with our partners we are always trying to make your camper experience as enjoyable as possible.

Check out the Special Offers section to see what we have prepared for you this month.



Travel Tips

FINLAND , Lapland and Lakeland

 FINLAND , Lapland and LakelandDetails

FINLAND , Coast and Archipelago

 FINLAND , Coast and ArchipelagoDetails

ESTONIA , Tallinn and Lahemaa

ESTONIA , Tallinn and LahemaaDetails

LATVIA , Riga and Gauja

LATVIA , Riga and GaujaDetails

LITHUANIA , Vilnius and The Sand Dunes

LITHUANIA , Vilnius and The Sand DunesDetails

ICELAND, Blue Lagoon

ICELAND, Blue LagoonDetails