Campsite Cheile Râsnoavei
Descriere: New camping site with really good location in the middle of Romania (Transylvania), 8km from Râşnov. Ideal for tranzit campers who want to spend some time in nature, but also enjoy sightseeing. Dracula Castle in Bran - 19km, Râşnov Citadel and Cave - 10-12km, Poiana Braşov ski resort - 17km, Black Church in Braşov - 22km, Peleş Castle in Sinaia - 40km, Sighişoara - 130km, Sibiu - 149km, Bucureşti - 164Km, Danube Delta - 395km, Black Sea - 400km. Locuri: 100 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 30.09.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Campsite Zamolxe
Descriere: Camping Zamolxe este situata in localitatea Sarmizegetusa -Ulpia Traiana - pe 3 ha. Exista locuri de campare cu cortul si rulota. Locuri: 30 Deschide: 01.04.2019 Inchide: 30.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Campsite Comarnic Dragos
Descriere: Burluși is home to the beautiful Campsite Comarnic Dragos, an intimate campsite, located in a wood. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, everyone needs space to enjoy the great outdoors and a little relaxation. And this campsite certainly offers you space. Camping offers pitches with some shade. Spaciously laid out camping pitches make it possible to camp in a quiet and pleasant way. A stay here will bring guaranteed rest, space and freedom. Locuri: 30 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Campsite Hercules
Descriere: Campsite Hercules is a campsite in Mehadia, located a river/stream.The campsite has which are marked out, pitches with shade, pitches without shade and pitches with some shade. It is possible to rent caravans. Locuri: 11 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping S
Descriere: Camping S Mamaia Nord offers access to its own beach, in the area with the largest and cleanest beach between Mamaia and Navodari. You can benefit from sun loungers and umbrellas, landscaped sports grounds, beach bar. Locuri: 30 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Malul Marii
Descriere: Modern, environmentally friendly camping / parking on the seafront for any type of recreational vehicle and beyond. Located about 10km from Mamaia (the road to Navodari) Access from County Road 226 (from Mamaia) leading to Corbu. The shores of the Sea are in the immediate vicinity of Corbu / Midia Beach, right on the sea front. Being a natural cliff, it allows direct access to the beach on the private road. Locuri: 50 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 30.09.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Dan Pescarul
Descriere: The Danube Delta, one of the most extensive delta of the European continent and one of the best preserved wetlands, was born and raised at the Danube with the Black Sea where the river ends its long transcontinental journey of about 2860 km, The Black Forest in Germany. The millenaries in turn, the delta's surface has expanded, forming an original landscape of canals, lakes, huge reed stretches of reed islands, tropical forests, pastures and sand dunes. Locuri: 10 Deschide: 01.04.2019 Inchide: 31.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Babou Maramures
Descriere: In Maramureș, people live in a simple but satisfying way, proud of their traditions and their way of life. Maramureș is also a place with lots of nature, where bears and wolves still roaming the forests. In Maramureș, you will feel like you took a step back in time. This is how old rural Europe must have looked like a long time ago. Welcome in Maramureș! Locuri: 10 Deschide: 01.04.2019 Inchide: 31.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Noroc
Descriere: To find us on your tourist maps, we are in the heart of Maramures, in the village called Sacalaseni located only 8 km from Baia Mare. It is exactly the countryside-city proximity that encouraged us to develop our project. This way we have something for everyone: discover the beautiful wooden churches listed as UNESCO World Heritage or visit one of the original museums of Baia Mare, drink a beer on a beautiful terrace in the historic center of the city or a palinka with a peasant from here; a social walk or a getaway in the wilderness, the hustle and bustle. It will be up to you! Locuri: 25 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 01.01.2020 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Bradova - Bârsana
Descriere: Bradova is located in Barsana , Maramures, the cradle of the Maramures traditions and the religious spirit. The scenic scenery of the tent / caravan camping area, clean air and tranquility of the Maramures landscapes will help you discover the joy of spending some holiday days as you have never spent before. Locuri: 5 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Campsite Autoturist
Descriere: Campsite Autoturist is a campsite in Vatra Dornei.This terraced camp site has pitches without shade and pitches with some shade. It is possible to rent hikers' cabins and rooms. Show fewer The following rules apply to pets at (Camping Autoturist): - Dog(s) permitted in low season (if on a lead) - Dog(s) permitted in high season (if on a lead) For sportive holidaymakers the camp site offers various cycle routes. You can also use the internet, as the camp site has one or more computers with an internet connection. Locuri: 22 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 30.09.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping de Vuurplaats
Descriere: The campsite has a beautiful view of the mountains around and further afield. The high mountains Adam and Eve are clearly recognizable. Directly behind the campsite flows the river Moldova where you can take a nice bath. The large pear tree is central on the flat terrain. Locuri: 24 Deschide: 15.04.2019 Inchide: 01.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Campsite The Valley
Descriere: Camping the Valley (tent and caravan camping facility) is located in the small mountain resort, Ozunca Bai, at the foot of the South Harghita Mountains. The village is known for its natural beauties, the numerous springs of mineral waters, tin, which is a natural reserve. The camping (in Covasna) was in a valley, near the village, surrounded by deciduous forests. Locuri: 1 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 15.09.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Ileana
Descriere: Traditional Maramures dishes can be served at the guesthouse. You can organize cognitive spinning and weaving lessons, guided visits to Săpânţa and Maramureş Country Tours, excursions, hiking, eating the shepherd's table. Locuri: 10 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Borsa Turism
Descriere: 459/5000 Borsa- Turism Pension offers different accommodation possibilities. The rooms in our house are equipped with double beds and shared bathroom. Further, on the camping grounds there are two rooms with en suite bathroom and two wooden beds with double beds. The houses are equipped with two showers and two toilets, also available for tents or caravans. Tents are also welcome in our garden, where there is a toilet and a shower. Locuri: 5 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 30.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Laura
Descriere: Situated at 1000m altitude, near Toroioaga Mountains in Borsa, Laura Pension offers besides accommodation and camping sites for caravans and tents with dedicated sanitary groups. In the courtyard of the pension there is also a turret, besides the space for tents, camping, caravans with access to sanitary group, running water, hot water showers, kitchen, 220/380 current, gazebo, benches, playground for children , treadmill, access to the washing machine. Locuri: 50 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 30.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Costesti
Descriere: Camping and Picnic Area in the Dacian Fortress Area of Orastie Mountains Located near the Dacian Fortress and the Orastie River, you can spend unforgettable moments in the middle of nature The camping benefits from its own sanitary group, water 10 covered meals and 3 fireplaces where you can make a grill Locuri: 15 Deschide: 01.05.2019 Inchide: 01.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Aurora
Descriere: The camp is classified as 2 stars. There is also the Casa Duse Boarding House which offers a restaurant. Wooden cottages can also be rented. Attractions in the area: Badea Cârţan Memorial Museum, Cârţişoara Monastery, Bâlea Waterfall, Transfăgărăşan Trail; winter can be sleigh rides or skiing. Locuri: 35 Deschide: 01.06.2019 Inchide: 15.10.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping De Oude Wilg
Descriere: The campsite is classified by the Ministry of Tourism. The electricity stations are on the plot, the running water is in the location, there is a sanitary group with showers, toilets and washbasins, the waste collection is selective. The campground is generous, there is a brochure and leaflet information point, a new playground and a loft specially designed for the children, the kitchen for the tourists was renovated in 2017. In the area you can visit the fortified churches, the former Cistercian monastery in the locality, cycling, fishing at the local trout. Transfagarasan is just a few miles away. Locuri: 24 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€
Camping Tara Nomada
Descriere: Country Nomad is located in a fairytale valley, embraced by breathtaking mountain scenery, full of untouched nature. The prosperity of the mountain stream gives you the coolness of the summer. Fruit trees and nuts flourish extraordinary in the spring, give shade summer and autumn fruits. The multipurpose surroundings offer countless hiking routes that change colors each season, featuring some great views. Impressive lawns, rock formations, unexplored forests, caves, geomorphological formations across a valley turn the land into a paradise. Locuri: 8 Deschide: 01.01.2019 Inchide: 31.12.2019 Pret: Peak-1€ | Off-1€

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