FINLAND , Lapland and Lakeland

ROVANIEMI is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Finland's northernmost province, Lapland. Because of the unspoiled nature of the area and numerous recreational opportunities, tourism is an important industry in Rovaniemi. The city has a number of hotels and restaurants located both in the centre and on the outskirts of the town, hosting over 481,000 visitors in 2013.


is a fell located in Finnish Lapland, and the largest ski resort in Finland. The peak of the Levi fell is at an elevation of 531 metres. Levi is one of two locations of gondola lifts in Finland, and has been chosen the best domestic skiing resort in Finland four times.


is an industrial town dominated by pulp mills. Most of its tourists are drawn by two wintery sights: its world famous Lumilinna Snow Castle & Hotel and the unique chance to cruise on the Sampo icebreaker. By its character, Kemi is far more like a Finnish town than a Lappish town.


is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Its cold and wintry climate, coupled with the relative abundance of conifer trees such as pines and spruces means that it has become associated with Christmas in some countries and holidays to Lapland are common towards the end of the year.


was founded in 1956 and has since been expanded twice. Its total area is 2,850 square kilometres, making it the biggest national park of Finland and one of the largest in Europe. The park is named after the Lemmenjoki River, an 80 kilometres long river running through it.

YLLAS is a 718-metre high fell in Lap Province and a popular cross country and downhill skiing centre. It is the second largest ski resort in Lapland, after Levi and the highest fell in Finland where you can find skiing lifts.

-Ylläs-Ski Oy



Total distance: 1018 km
estimated time: 13 h
estimated days: 8 days
estimated fuel: 90 liter

1150 €
campervan + camping included