LATVIA , Riga and Gauja


is a city in Latvia, about 25 kilometres west of Riga. It is a resort town stretching 32 km and sandwiched between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River. It has a 33 km stretch of white-sand beach. While Latvia was part of the Soviet Union, J?rmala was a favorite holiday-resort and tourist destination for high-level Communist Party officials.


Rundale palace is one of Latvia's most outstanding monuments of Baroque and Rococo art. Rundale palace houses a museum, which works as a centre for research into Latvia's history, through creating collections, arranging exhibitions and producing publications.


is within 50 km of Riga, and it is known for its picturesque scenery and rich history. Turaida means ‘God’s Garden’ in ancient Livonian, and this green knoll capped with a fairy-tale castle is certainly a heavenly place.  Turaida castle dominates the Museum Reserve and is visually, its most impressive element .


is a charming city fusing together medieval history and contemporary culture. The unique feel and hospitality of this 800-year-old city attracts tourists all year long – from the Baltic’s biggest ski resorts to the preserved medieval layout of the cobbled streets of C?sis Old Town.


is one of the landmarks of Saulkrasti, on the Vidzeme gulf coast. The dune offers a splendid view of the sea, the mouth of the In?upe River and the vast beach. The White Dune formed as the wind drove beach sand over the clay silt of Baltic Ice Lake. Its white 18 meters high sand outcrop once helped local fishermen find their way home.


is a resort town just over an hour from Riga by train (50 km east), featuring a wooded river valley containing forest walks, cable car, bobsleigh track, three castles and a former times rehabilitation centre featuring a hostel, all of which is manageable as a day visitor on foot.

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Total distance: 897 km
estimated time: 13 h
estimated days: 7 days
estimated fuel: 80 liter

990 €
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