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BookYourCamper Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service (these “Terms”) carefully before using any of the services provided by BookYourCamper (the “Company”). By using this website (the “Site”), any mobile application that may be made available by the Company (the “App”) and/or any services provided by the Company (the “Services”), you are agreeing to all the terms contained herein. If you are accessing this Site or any App from a country other than Romania, or if you are redirected to this Site from a separate site operated by the Company or an affiliate of the Company (an “Affiliate Site”), you are also subject to our international terms and conditions (the “International Terms”). In the event that the International Terms conflict with these Terms, these Terms will control. If you do not agree to these Terms, your only recourse is to not use the Site, App or Services of the Company. Our Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into these Terms.

The Company reserves the right to update these Terms and any other legal policies at any time, at the sole discretion of the Company, with or without notice to you. Any modification or updates to our legal policies will be posted on the Site and will take effect immediately. Your continued use and access to the Site, App and/or Services indicates that you agree to any and all modifications to our legal policies and acknowledge you will be bound to the terms contained therein.

If you accept or agree to these Terms on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that company or other legal entity to these Terms and, in such event, “you” and “your” will refer and apply to that company or other legal entity. The terms “We,” “our” and “us” refer to BookYourCamper.

Certain Special Rental Conditions

In addition to these Terms and, depending on the RV, certain special rental conditions specified by an Owner will apply to a Renter of such Owner’s RV (the “Special Rental Conditions”). The Special Rental Conditions of the individual offer must be agreed to before the Renter makes a binding booking. In the case of conflict between these Terms and the Special Rental Conditions, the individual provisions of the Special Rental Conditions prevail (except to the extent that such Special Rental Conditions would result in the Company having any obligation or incurring any liability not provided for in these Terms). For clarity’s sake, Special Rental Conditions do not apply to the Company and do not bind the Company in any way.


The Company is not and does not hold itself out to be a party to rental agreements between an Owner and a Renter. The Company does not endorse or hold itself out to endorse any users of the Site, App, Services or Platform, whether Owners or Renters. The Company does not have control over the conduct of Owners and/or Renters or any others that may use the Site, App, Services, or Platform. The Company expressly disclaims all liability in regard to the above. Accordingly, Owners, Renters, Members and Other Users are using the Site, App, Services and/or Platform on their own behalf and at their own risk.

Key Terms

“RV” mean a recreational vehicle, motorhome or trailer.

“Company Content” means all Content that the Company makes available through the Site, App, or Services, including any Content licensed from a third party, but excluding Member Content.

“Collective Content” means Member Content and the Company Content.

“Content” means text, graphics, images, music, software (excluding the App and the Platform), audio, video, information and any other content or materials.

“Renter” means a Member who requests a booking of an RV via the Services, or a Member who uses an RV and is not the Owner of such RV.

“Owner” means a Member who creates a Listing via the Services.

“Listing” means the listing of an RV as available for rent via the Services.

“Members” means persons who complete the Company’s account registration process, including, but not limited to Owners and Renters, as described under “Account Registration” below.

“Member Content” means all Content that a Member posts, uploads, publishes, submits or transmits to be made available through the Services.

“Other User” means any user of the Site, App and/or Platform who has not created an account on the Platform.

“Platform” means the proprietary online platform owned and operated by the Company on which owners of RVs can list their RVs for rent and other Members can book and rent such RVs.

“Tax” or “Taxes” mean any sales taxes, goods and services taxes (GST) and other similar municipal, state and federal indirect or other withholding and personal or corporate income taxes.


The Company is in the business of connecting Owners to Renters so that Renters may rent Owners’ RVs for a period of time at a price negotiated by such parties. Owners and Renters may engage the Company to provide additional Services through the Company’s Platform. The Services are intended to be used to facilitate the booking of RVs.


If you are a Renter that is at least 25 years of age that books an Eligible RV (as defined below), you will be automatically enrolled in RV Rental Insurance underwritten by Allianz (the “Provided Insurance”). “Eligible RVs” are less than 25 years old, privately registered and otherwise meet the underwriting requirements of Allianz. Eligible RVs will be indicated on the Site as meeting applicable insurance requirements. The cost of Provided Insurance will be included in the applicable rental fee. Provided Insurance will cover accidents in which the Renter or an authorized driver is operating/occupying the Eligible RV, for the coverage provided in connection with the Provided Insurance and for which the Renter has paid the applicable premium. More information about the Provided Insurance can be found here.

Certain RVs will not be Eligible RVs (e.g. example RVs that are more than 25 years old, RV’s that are not currently insured by the owner, or RVs with commercial registrations). Renters of such RVs can either obtain insurance offered by or through the Owner, or, if applicable, through an extension of such Renter’s auto insurance policy. 


Any and all forms provided by the Company, regardless of the nature of the contract, form, or documentation, are provided as a template and are not to be considered representation or prepared for either Owner or Renter on behalf of the Company. 

Minimum Age

Owners must be at least 21 years’ old to list an RV on the Platform. To rent an RV, you must be at least 25 years’ old and provide proof of a current, valid driver’s license. Any access or use of the Site, App or Services by anyone under those age restrictions is expressly prohibited. By utilizing the Site, App or Services, you warrant you are the requisite minimum age.

How Our Services Work

The Company offers Services for RV Owners and RV Renters. RV Owners may use the Company’s Platform to list their RVs for rent. Owners will receive quote requests, bookings or private messages from prospective renters through the Company’s Platform.

RV Renters may use the Platform to search for potential RV’s to rent from RV Owners. Renters may request a quote or contact the Owner via the Company’s Platform. You are not required to register as a Member to view Listings; however, if you wish to book an RV or create a Listing, you must first complete an account registration (see below).

As stated above, the Company provides a platform or marketplace with related technology for Renters and Owners to meet online and arrange for bookings of RVs. The Company is not an owner or operator of RVs, including, but not limited to, trailers, towables, campers, vans, coaches, or other RVs, nor is it a provider of RVs and the Company does not own, sell, resell, furnish, provide, rent, re-rent, manage and/or control RVs, or transportation services. 


Account Registration

To merely browse through the Listings on the Site or App, a person needs to agree with and comply with these Terms but does not need to create an account with the Company. However, in order to list an RV as available for rent, Owners must create an account with the Company and in order to book or rent an RV listed on the Site or App, Renters must create an account with the Company. Only account holders will be able to contact an RV Owner or request a quote. 

Accounts may be created directly with the Company using a valid email address. The Company reserves the right to terminate an account at any time with or without notice to you.

The personal information provided during the registration process must be truthful and complete. You may not register on behalf of third parties, or to enter third-party details on the Site or App. Members shall promptly communicate any changes to their personal information to BookYourCamper, or amend their personal information in their account on the Platform.

Following the successful registration, BookYourCamper will create a user account which can be accessed with a username and password (the “Login Details”). The e-mail address which the person registered will generally serve as the username. Members may change the password at any time via the password-protected login section of the Platform.

Members agree to keep the Login Details secret and protect the details against unauthorized third party access. If a Member misplaces his or her Login Details or if the Member suspects or determined that such Member’s Login Details are being used by a third party, the Member shall immediately inform the Company of the same.

The Company may temporarily or permanently freeze a Member’s Login Details if the Member breaches these Terms, for example if the Member:

and/or terminate Member’s account in the event of material or repeated breach of these Terms, for cause and without notice. Following the termination by the Company of a Member’s account, the Member may not re-register without the express prior approval of BookYourCamper.

Additionally, the Company may temporarily or permanently freeze the RVs on offer for individual Renters, or the ability to rent RVs on the Platform, if the Renter materially breaches these Terms or repeatedly receives negative reviews from Owners after having rented an RV from them.

RV Listing

Owners may create a listing(s) for the RV(s) when they log into their account. By listing an RV, Owners are agreeing to provide true and accurate information and are representing that the information that they are providing is accurate, that the photos contained in the listing are actual photos of the RV being advertised, and that they are not misrepresenting their RV in any way through the listing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Owners may use ‘stock images’ in their RV listings, provided that the use of such stock images is clearly disclosed in the applicable listing. Stock floorplan images are always acceptable.

The Company disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by Owners. The Company reserves the right to edit any portion of the listing including the content or the photos contained and provided in the listing, but is under no obligation to do so. Further, the Company reserves the right to terminate any listing, with or without notice to you, either temporarily or permanently, if the Company believes that any of the Content provided in the listing is inaccurate and/or misrepresent the RV in any way.

Owner acknowledges and agrees that (i) any listing created by Owner on the Site may also be listed on, and any Content provided in the listing may be uploaded to, any Affiliate Site, (ii) the listing may be translated into the local language of the Affiliate Site or the language in which the Affiliate Site is accessed, and (iii) any currency provided in such listing may be translated to the local currency of the Affiliate Site.

Accuracy of Information

Although these Terms require Owners and Renters to provide accurate information, the Company is under no obligation to confirm any party’s purported identity or other information provided by such party. It is your sole responsibility to determine the identity and suitability of others who you contact via the Platform. Except as expressly provided in these Terms, we will not be responsible for any damage or harm resulting from your interactions with any party through this website or the Services.

By using the Site, App, Services and/or Platform, you agree that any legal remedy or liability that you seek to obtain for actions or omissions of other parties or other third parties will be limited to a claim against the particular party or other third parties who caused you harm and you agree not to attempt to impose liability on, or seek any legal remedy from the Company with respect to such actions or omissions. This limitation shall not apply to any claim by an RV Owner against the Company regarding the remittance of payments received from a RV Renter by the Company on behalf of an Owner, which instead shall be subject to the limitations described in the section below entitled “Limitation of Liability”.

Booking and Financial Terms

Booking the rental of an RV on BOOKYOURCAMPER is easy. To begin the rental process, the potential Renter makes an inquiry via the Platform to an Owner about a specific RV. The Owner then has 24 hours to accept or reject the potential Renter via the Platform to rent the RV specified in the inquiry. Once the potential Renter receives the confirmation he or she has 24 hours to pay the booking via the Platform. If no response is received by the Owner to the offer within 24 hours, the offer will expire.

Fees and Payment

Owner Fee Policy

An Owner may use the Platform and upload Listings to the Platform free of charge. 

The Owner is obligated to pay a commission to the Company if a booking is finalized. Commissions are a percentage of the total rental fee minus insurance, roadside assistance and taxes.

Additional Fees

In addition to the rental fee, other fees may apply in the event that the Renter and/or the Owner do not comply with agreed upon specifications. Failure to charge any of such fees shall not constitute a waiver of the right to exercise the same in the event another fee should become due at any other time. Examples of such fees are set forth below with links to the applicable policies:


Booking the RV on the Platform is a binding transaction. If a Renter wishes to change details of the booking after having finalized the booking, or even cancel the booking, the Renter must immediately contact the Owner as well as the Company by e-mail sent to office@bookyourcamper.com. The Company will only process change requests or cancelations if both rental parties (the Renter and the Owner) agree to the change in writing.

Cancelations by the Renter will result in fixed cancelation charges unless otherwise agreed in the Special Rental Conditions. The following fixed cancelation charges shall be payable by the Renter to the Owner if the Renter cancels the rental agreement:

In the event that an Owner cancels a booking, payments made by Renter in respect of such booking via the Platform will be reimbursed. 


In the event that a Renter initiates a Chargeback with their credit card company, for either Rental Fees, the Company will inform the Owner that a Chargeback has been initiated. If the Company deems that the Chargeback is not warranted, the Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to dispute the validity of the Chargeback on the Owner’s behalf. Owner agrees to cooperate with the Company and to provide any information that may be reasonably requested by the Company in its investigation. You authorize the Company to share information about a Chargeback with the Renter, the Renter’s financial institution, and Owner’s financial institution in order to investigate or mediate a Chargeback. In the event that a Chargeback dispute is lost but the funds have been paid to the Owner, the Company is authorized, without notice, to recapture such amount or to withhold such amount from any payment due to Owner now or in the future. Owner acknowledges that this is because when the Company receives a chargeback order, the funds are automatically debited from the Company’s account. Owner acknowledges that chargeback decisions are made by the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA and all judgments as to the validity of the chargeback are made at the sole discretion of the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA.

Insurance Premium Chargebacks

Renter agrees that the Company’s insurance provider, Allianz may charge their payment method for the full premium amount related to a rental booked through the Company. Renter also agrees that premium is fully earned and non-refundable once Renter has taken possession of the covered RV.

In the event that a Renter initiates a Chargeback with their credit card company for the insurance premium charge, Allianz will use commercially reasonable efforts to dispute the validity of the Chargeback. 

Owner and Renter agree to cooperate with Allianz and to provide any information that may be reasonably requested by Allianz in its investigation. Owner and Renter authorize Allianz to share information about a Chargeback with the Company, the Renter, the Renter’s financial institution, the Owner, and Owner’s financial institution in order to investigate or mediate a Chargeback. 

Renter and Owner acknowledge that chargeback decisions are made by the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA and all judgments as to the validity of the chargeback are made at the sole discretion of the applicable issuing bank, Card Networks, or NACHA. 


Owner understands and agrees that he or she is responsible for determining his or her Tax reporting requirements in consultation with his or her Tax advisors. The Company does not offer Tax-related advice to any users of the Site, App, Services or Platform. Additionally, each Owner is responsible for determining local indirect Taxes and for including any applicable Taxes to be collected or obligations relating to applicable Taxes in Listings.

Tour Terms & Conditions

1.BOOKYOURCAMPER is an internet website which allows visitors to reserve tourism related products and services (the ‘services’) including tours, experiences, transportations, and accommodations.

  1. All services are booked through BOOKYOURCAMPER with a local tourism operator or service provider in the relevant country. These terms and conditions apply to services booked through the website ‘BOOKYOURCAMPER’ however all reservations are operated and handled by the designated tour provider (the ‘Operator’ or ‘Provider’
  2. BOOKYOURCAMPER, on behalf of the end Provider will handle the reservation, as well as any requests to change or cancel the booking, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the provider. Sometimes BOOKYOURCAMPER will be unable to handle complex requests (for example, requests for specific rooming arrangements in hotel reservations), and will request that the customer contacts the Provider directly. BOOKYOURCAMPER will do their best to assist in these cases and provide contact details to the customer.
  3. Any complaints or claims regarding the service received during the reservation or booking process should be addressed to BOOKYOURCAMPER via the contact form on this website.
  4. Any complaints or claims regarding the service received from the Provider (effectively meaning anything other than the reservation process) should be addressed to the end Operator whose contact detail is provided along with confirmation after booking, and can be provided by BOOKYOURCAMPER  according to a valid booking reference.
  5. From this point on in this document “we” stands for the tour Provider (and not BOOKYOURCAMPER).
  6. Date or time of departure, pickup, or dropoff, or the content of a tour itinerary, are subject to change or cancellation should unforeseen circumstances occur, at the discretion of the tour operator changes to the itinerary. The customer will be updated as early as possible in case of changes. It is recommended that all customers check their email at 10pm on the day before travel as updates might be provided.
  7. Tourists on group tours are obliged to stay with tour at all times. Separation from the group can result in being left behind and in cases where the leader is unable to find the tourists, ‘rescue fee’ will be at customers expense.

9 All vehicles will comply with the local regulations.

  1. Daily tours are not suitable for children under age of 4.
  2. Rates do not include client’s meals, food, beverages, entrance fees, accommodation, or any other services unless they are specified in the program advertised.
  3. Special needs such as wheelchairs, baby chairs, carriages, or special dietary requirements require advanced notification and are on a request basis. Whilst the Provider will do their best to ensure their delivery, these services often require coordination with a third-party and we cannot be held responsible in cases of lack of delivery or quality.
  4. Traveller who is refused passage across a border by a government or authority, or decides to withdraw at their own discretion at any stage during the tour, will not be entitled to claim any refund whatsoever
  5. The Tour Operator accepts no liability for direct or consequential loss of personal belongings and recommends that valuable belongings be left at home. Passengers are covered by insurance for the tour provided by the tour operator. Neither the operator nor this site cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damage due to force majeur. We recommend for personal health and damage insurance cover to be taken out by each traveler.
  6. Operator may at their own discretion require a person to withdraw from any tour if their conduct is deemed to be offensive or to cause annoyance to other passengers, or the person is not able to keep a pace with the remainder of the group to the detriment of the experience of other members. We shall have no further liability for the carriage of such traveler nor should the traveler be eligible for any refund or compensation.
  7. Operator reserves the right to implement alternate locations or make other significant changes to the itinerary, including cancellation, due to force majeur, weather conditions, operational considerations, or imposed security limitations. In these cases there will be no entitlement to compensation. Specifically in the case of bad weather (such as flooding) where access to a site is not possible, Operator will decide on an alternative program according to what is safe and possible. Operator will attempt to refund the customer the cost of any entrance tickets which were unused (according to the nature of the ticket and possibility in obtaining refund from the site) but there will be no refund of the tour itself.
  8. Operator cannot guarantee the provision of services by third party providers such as hotels and in cases where hotels are not available at the confirmed terms, may switch guests to another property of a comparable level.
  9. Operator will, in case of changes, delay or cancellation in service provided by third parties such as airlines, border agencies, government bodies, or others, attempt to provide solutions to ensure the minimal impact to the schedule, experience, and cost.
  10. Passengers must arrive to start point on-time and understand that in group tours, delays to pickup might occur due to traffic or other conditions. During the tour, drivers will not wait more than 15 minutes for late passengers. Any passenger who is not on time for the pickup or at other points during the tour duration, will not be liable to claim compensation should the tour proceed without them.
  11. During the tour, drivers or other members of our team might take pictures for marketing purposes. If passengers do not agree with this, please inform a representative of the company at the time.
  12. It is recommended that passengers have a cell phone where they are able to make and receive calls. in case our team needs to contact them during the tour.

Ordering & Cancellation Policy


Customer will receive an email confirmation once the booking is complete.

Certain tours might have different policies which are stipulated on their description page. This is particularly notable for package tours where cancellation is as follows:

Up to 30 days before departure – 50 EURO

Up to 16-29 days before departure – 25%

Up to 7-15 days before departure – 50%

Less than 7 days – 75%


In rare circumstances the operator might have to modify or altogether cancel a tour due to operational reasons or lack of participants. The customer will be informed as early as possible. In this case customers will receive a full refund or the right to switch to an alternative tour or alternative departure for the reserved tour.